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Deciding on a blog design solution and implementing it is certainly a sound business decision and should reward the online website owner with a vast amount of traffic as well as paying customers. Creating a blog is simple, painless, and easy to maintain. Popular blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger offer personalized services, numerous template designs, friendly search engine rankings, and helpful tutorials. Taking advantage of these opportunistic offerings should be a component of any successful online business venture. However, there is more to a blog than simply setting it up, performing routine maintenance, and providing periodic entries. Potential customers and visitors need to have good reasons for visiting your blog and remain as regular loyalists. Several enhancements to a blog can entice and deliver more web surfers when used effectively.

One enhancement that should be seriously considered is the use of video clips. Written text is obviously important, and it’s the cornerstone of any blog, but adding the occasional video clip can only serve to magnify an online website’s existence. Stephanie Collen, an online business marketer for a major clothing firm, describes the changes when the video was introduced to the retailer’s site. “Our site was text-driven with many pictures, and it seemed to be working effectively. When we added video clips to the mix, the results were amazing. A thirty-seven percent increase in traffic and sales rose by twenty-one percent. Video clips are here to stay at our site”. Video supplies and software can be found at many places on the internet.

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Another blogging business tip involves the use of audio clips and should be another feature for your blog. Collen also suggests using audio as an enhancement for your blog. “When we added video to the site, audio clips were phased out. Many customers complained and the audio section was restored much to their delight. We quickly learned that sound bites sell and never go out of style. It will continue to be a part of our marketing”. Adding a few audio clips at opportune spaces on your blog will increase traffic flow and yield new customers. Audio equipment, supplies, and software can also be found at many places on the internet.

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If the aforementioned enhancements are too much for your budget at this time, consider using pictures as a tool for driving more visitors to your site. Visual enhancements can sell far better than text-only and is appealing to virtually every visitor. Also, if you have a blogging site such as 360 Blog Yahoo, Blogger, or WordPress, you can insert custom-made graphics. Graphics and photo editing software can easily be found with an internet search. Be sure to use the tools that meet your standards.

A blog design solution that incorporates stunning enhancements will make every blogging experience a rewarding endeavor. By using video, audio, and graphical improvements, your online business blog will witness a surge in visitors and customers.

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