Understand how Paid Online Surveys Work

Ok, the first thing that I have to give is a warning. Be very careful and do your research which should include the specific companies that you are considering joining up with and finding as much feedback from those who “have gone before you”. Be sure to understand how paid online surveys work.

Understand how Paid Online Surveys Work

Here is the deal– just like with anything else in this world and unfortunately especially on the internet you are going to find that for every legitimate website out there offering you hundreds of dollars of consistent income per day there are 20 more that are a bunch of broken promises. So please, BE CAREFUL, and keep this in mind as you get excited about the potential that paid online surveys have to supplement your income.

Another huge thing that you have to realize is that most of the paid online survey sites are not the actual sites that you will do the surveys for and get paid by. They are simply the gateway that has organized the opportunities and given you direct access to the different companies that are seeking input for their product or service or are simply performing market analysis research. These sites will charge you a one-time fee (if they are real) and this is to pay the real live online support that they provide to their members that need help or have questions about these survey jobs.

Understand how Paid Online Surveys Work
Reputable Free Surveys

However, this is not to say that unpaid survey sites are all a scam. I do surveys on free sites and have never failed to get paid. Here is a list of free survey sites that I have used myself:

Understand how Paid Online Surveys Work


So do your research, understand the process, and then you can start earning money. It is well within the average computer user’s ability to make several hundred dollars per day while working about 3 or 4 hours per day filling out paid online surveys. Sounds good right? Another cool thing is that these sites will organize the type of job so that you are making comments and answering questions about stuff that you know and enjoy rather than trudging through material that you have no idea or interest in.

These companies (the real ones) are your friends. They do everything that they can to help your work go smoothly and to help you do things faster and make more money. The sites even sometimes offer you software that allows you to fill out more paid online surveys in less time. This software is something they could easily charge for, but they don’t, and it really increases your income potential.

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Understand how Paid Online Surveys Work

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