Save Money on Your Shopping With These Clearance Sale Tips

Summer and spring are always popular times for outdoor sales and bargains. I remember the sidewalk sales in my small town when I was young. These are not as popular where I live now, but you do see them on occasion. More often than not, I see clearance tents everywhere. They are usually out in the parking lot, and I have seen them very recently at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Home Depot. If you walk in there, you are going to find some very good deals on some great stuff.

Most of the items you find in clearance tents are things that need to be sold. Think of the clearance rack you see inside the stores at any other time of the year. That does not mean there are not some great things there, and you may find some great stuff at great prices. If you need something, but you don’t care if it was made a year ago, you can find what you want. Some things are timeless, and that means finding things like treadmills and outdoor furniture that is perfectly good, but put into the clearance tents so they will sell.

Sometimes clearance tents are filled with newer items, and they are set up to draw in customers. It usually works. Those looking for a bargain will come, and they may end up buying something else that they see. Not only can companies get rid of merchandise that has failed to move at regular price, but they can also introduce a customer to everything else that they have to offer. Some go to a clearance tent for a store they have never been to before and end up shopping there regularly because they are now aware of what they have to offer year-round.

One thing to remember when shopping at clearance tents is that you should check things over. Most of the stuff is just fine, but there may be some irregularities. Though most places will mark them as such, sometimes they do not. Other times, the items might be perfectly fine, but they have been returned. You can usually tell because the box is taped shut. Don’t be afraid to buy something like that, but be sure to check the item out before you buy it. Ask someone if you can open a box that looks like it has been opened, and check over other items for defects. If you find a defect that you can live with in clearance tents, you may be able to negotiate an even better deal.

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