Freelance Work – The Changing Face of Employment

The world sure is changing, and if you look at job employment you will see what I mean. With lockdowns happening and social distancing, online freelance work is changing the face of employment. Let’s just go back to our grandparent’s generation, even though I’m sure if we went back further we would see very different structures of work in the tribal periods of our history. Our grandparents usually found a skill, and then used that one skill to work for their whole career.

An example is my grandfather who was a salesman for the same suit company for 44 years. There is nothing wrong with this. His job was secure; he knew there would be a superannuating fund when he retired, and that there would always be food on the table for his family. These days in the 21st-century things have changed, and they are still changing rapidly as we speak.

Freelance Work - The Changing Face of Employment

Freelance Work – The Changing Face of Employment

Nowadays, it isn’t strange for a person to have around five completely different career paths in their lifetime. You might think that job security is much lower, but there are new types of jobs emerging every day with the advent of modern technology. Older people can go back to schools and be educated in totally new areas that are greatly desired in society.

One of the greatest changes in recent times is the fact that a lot of people are now working for themselves as freelancers from home. Society is still getting all the necessary work done, but the structures in which individuals pursue their dreams and goals in their areas of interest have changed completely. If you are working at home for your own business, you sure don’t have the old hierarchy of bosses watching over your every move, judging your worth, and threatening you with dismissal.

Freelance Work - The Changing Face of Employment

Types of Freelancing

These professionals exhibit the amount that they charge per hour, how much they have already earned through the site, and a portfolio of examples of their work. They are then given a rating that has been compiled by the employers who have used their services. It is quite unbelievable; they’ve got people and job types from a multitude of different areas, just about any type of freelance work you can imagine: E.g. Website design, marketing, writing, graphic design, legal, engineering, photography, finance – the list is quite extensive.

You can find freelance gigs here:

So you see, “the times they are a-changing” my friends. Imagine if you were frozen in time one hundred years ago and then thawed out today. All the basic human beliefs and emotions would be the same, but how would the world look to you? We’ve got to go with the flow and not get lost in the structures of old. What’s your goal? Get on the Web!

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Freelance Work - The Changing Face of Employment

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