Blogging For The Married Couple

Online marketing requires the business owner to focus energies on obtaining quality traffic for the website and striving to increase this flow of customers on a constant basis. Blogs have become a popular tool for attracting potential customers. Most internet marketers now employ a blog design solution. However, the general maintenance that is needed for a blog is time-consuming, and it often becomes discarded or ignored. Maybe you can think about blogging for the married couple.

Having a business partner, friend, or family member to help with this necessary element of internet marketing is highly recommended. Husband and wife teams are becoming a reality within the online business community. Such a partnership is now recognized as an advantage for those who are able to make such a commitment.

Blogging For The Married Couple

Establishing a husband and wife marketing team creates obvious benefits such as sharing the volume of work that is needed for an online business. A blogging spouse is an added bonus too. Some marketers do not relish the thought of writing entries on a daily basis. Such is the case with Bill and Lois McCraken who have been running a successful online gift shop for several years.

Lois does most of the writing, and she says that such an arrangement works well for them. “I have always enjoyed writing, but Bill hates it. So I update the blog daily and do other writing assignments while Bill concentrates on marketing, finances, and sales. We share other duties, but the writing falls to me”. Lois McCraken is an example of how the wife is using a strength while her husband focuses on other aspects of the business.

Blogging For The Married Couple

Your Mate May be Your Best Business Partner

Tom and Karen Underwood opened an online store that is dedicated to electronics. Mr. Underwood previously worked for a Fortune 100 company in a similar capacity and enjoys writing technical manuals and updating the daily blog. Tom describes his work as enjoyable and helpful to others.

Every day, I try to have a blogging business tip for these customers who share my love for electronics. It keeps the customers energized, and they are loyal too. Karen works with the finances and software. We’re a great team. Tom and Karen have obviously discovered the benefits of having a husband and wife team for business chores like blogging and company maintenance.

Blogging For The Married Couple

Having a blog design solution that is reasonable for any husband and wife team will have a positive impact on the family business. As online marketing continues to grow, the family unit can be involved in all aspects of the operation. This small business model can succeed with the proper planning and dedication.

Part of this planning and dedication also includes training.  The absolute best place to learn everything about blogging is Wealthy Affiliate.  Both you and your mate should take this exemplary course and then you can help each other out during the training, or plan your goals together.  Wealthy Affiliate is the largest platform for training and creating blogs and learning all about the world of affiliate marketing.  When you sign up, you get seven days free and they won’t even take your credit card number.  Earn while you learn alongside your spouse at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Blogging For The Married Couple

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